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A collection of songs written by me, Katherine Schimke, lead vocalist of Darling Hill. Written during my time of recovery from the loss of my father, a nasty divorce, alcoholism, and domestic violence. All written while healing deep in the New England woods in a cabin on stilts on Darling Hill Road. Coincidentally, before I lived on Darling Hill, the road happened to be where the most traumatic act of violence occurred. On one end of Darling Hill, I was assaulted and held against my will until I finally “broke free” and escaped on the other end at which I now reside. Hence the title of the 2023 EP Where The Heart Heals and the title of track  #3 Break Free.

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About the EP


Katherine Schimke- lead vocal, guitar

Aaron Derman- guitar, banjolele, bass

Zach Kasik- guitar, bass, banjo

Shake E. Fowlkes- percussion

Laurie Corbin- violin

Douglas Corbin- bass

Kalen Chase- support vocals

Written & co-produced by Katherine Schimke

Produced by Zach Kasik

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Wild Feather Recording

All EP Art by Carrion House

Published by Raccoon On The Porch

Special Thanks To

Aaron Derman, Rachael Barnard, Zach Kasik, Charlie Chronopolous, Nicholas Dicicco and family, Kaylea Verville, Gordon Berry, Rick Fitzgerald, Tyler Allgood, Shake E. Fowlkes, Laurie Corbin, Doug Corbin, Kalen Chase, and Luke Spooner. 

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