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This song encapsulates the moment I literally “broke free” from a violent and sexual assault,  and being held against my will. It was also the moment in my life when I hit rock bottom and decided to fight back, fight for myself, and try my best to survive so I could get back to my family as my father was passing away. I did eventually Break Free but after I got out of the hospital my father passed away within a week from his battle with cancer. Coincidently, the most violent part of the assault is when I tried to get away and it was on the backwoods muddy road that I live on now. Darling Hill Road. At the time of the assault, I didn't live on the road but ended up here shortly after. I still live here in the woods and have spent the majority of 9 years sobering up and healing from the trauma by way of expressing myself through music.

About the song


Young girl, say farewell to your father and hold close his lessons and his words so wise

“You are my proud and loyal daughter, remember it takes just one man to cut you to size.”


He taught me how to make heart drawings, each half equally matched to make it whole.

“Remember my darling, no one will ever love you like you do for yourself deep within your own soul. It’s my heart and your mothers that has made you. It’s our two halves come together that makes your love whole.“


I saw him through the window. And the snowflakes made him look kind.

If I had only known he was the devil. I never would have taken his hand in mine.


I know I can feel my heart beating. Feeling so small within his grasp.

I never knew he would hold on so tightly. Wondering how long this hell will last.


My darling, I said that I loved you, but that, that was a lie.

It was the only way I could escape you and that word love I’ll crucify.

I know I can feel my heart beating, I know now he will never let me leave his side.

I tell myself no one will ever own me.

Break free from this cage a fly to the sky.

Break free, break free, break free, break free.


His words, they ripped my heart open, and his fists they split open my eye.

And the ground is cold and muddy, and this hill is too hard to climb.

I put one foot in front of the other. I’ll do whatever it takes to save this sad life of mine.


I know I can feel my heart beating.

I feel now, I can open my eyes.

Am I ready to break the mold I was born into?

I tell myself I’ve never felt more alive.

Break free from this cage a fly to the sky.

Break free, break free, break free, break free.



Katherine Schimke, Aaron Derman, Zack Kasik,

Shake E. Fowlkes, Laurie Corbin, Doug Corbin,

Kalen Chase

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