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Garden Of Crowns

I wrote this in honor of my parent's marriage and also in reference to the circle of love and life. Musing from the image of my mother wearing a crown made of daisies on her wedding day. Aaron and I held a commitment ceremony about 4 years after my father passed, I too wore a daisy crown and wrote this “love song” in hopes that it would bring happiness to my mother and family even though we were grieving his loss. We try our best to plant daisies at my father's grave every spring.

About the song


She wore daisies on her wedding day

Love-linked stems that are here to stay

They’re a constant gift for tabletops to prove

That their love won't stop or ever lose


A fastened crown of flowered weeds

Made by children who run through the trees

A daisy crown can be worn by daughters of a queen

Or little girls who are never heard or unseen


Tell me love what can we leave behind? For when we die and lay side by side?

Plant seeds and pray with the sun

You know our stories ended but theirs has just begun

They’ll l be watered once the tears start to flow

And in our grave, a garden of crowns will grow


A daisy crown will fall fast apart

Leaving love strong in our minds and hearts

But just when you think it’s dead and over

Our garden of crowns comes to life with clover


Katherine Schimke, Zach Kasik, Shake E. Fowlkes,

Laurie Corbin 

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